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STREETZ CM756 Water resistant BT højtaler

STREETZ CM756 Water resistant BT højtaler

More powerful, portable and cool. This STREETZ fabric design mini wireless speaker lets you and your friends enjoy music on the go. If you don't want to use Bluetooth there is an 3.5mm AUX in.
Despite its size this 2x5W portable speaker gives you enhanced bass, thanks to the passive radioator, great sound and hours of music. It can also function as a speakerphone if needed. Handy when you don’t want or cant hold the phone while talking.

This speaker has TWS (True Wireless Sound) functionality. This means that two speakers can pair with each other and function as a 2.0 wireless speaker system. This only works however if the speakers are of the same model!

To make this happen you must follow these steps:
1: Turn on both speakers
2: Press and hold the Play/Pause-button on one of the speakers for about 2 seconds and  you will hear a tone.
3: Release Play/Pause button. It can take a few more seconds before speakers connect to each other
4: Go into the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and pair the speakers with your phone by selecting the speaker model number (it will only display 1 number which is both combined in to one)

Now you can enjoy music coming out of both speakers in harmony and use them as a True Wireless 2.0 System!







STREETZ CM756 Water resistant BT højtaler